Estudio de la gestiÓn del desarrollo sostenible de las instituciones educativas del distrito de pillco marca, huÁnuco, perÁ basado en herramientas neutrosÓficas

Wilmer Ortega Chávez, Arnulfo Ortega Mallqui, Liliam Carola Zevallos Solís, Manuel Jesús Basto Sáez

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This paper aims to study the management of sustainable development in public and private educational institutions in the Pillco Marca Huánuco District of Perú. For this, a survey based on Bronfenbrenner's ecological model is designed. According to this theory each person is significantly affected by the interactions of a series of overlapping systems. This is part of contextual dialectical theories that explain the change of behavior of the individual through the influence of the environment. For the representation and processing of the data the Neutrosophic Likert scale is used. The classic Likert scale is widely used in psychological and sociological surveys, however, it restricts the possible answers to a fixed number and only one of them must be chosen. The neutrosophic Likert scale allows the respondent to determining the degree he/she prefers among these possible responses, in this way the respondent's opinions are captured more accurately, including the possible degree of indeterminacy between their opinions. Neutrosophic sets generalize fuzzy and intuitionistic fuzzy sets, so that to the degree of membership and non-membership of an element to the set, it is added a degree of indeterminacy, without any restriction among them. On the other hand, “Triple Refined Indeterminate Neutrosophic Sets” (TRINS) are used in the Neutrosophic Likert scale. The novelty of this article is that for the first time Sustainable Development Management is studied with the help of the Neutrosophic Likert scale, in a survey based on the Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model.

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PublicaciónInvestigacion Operacional
EstadoPublicada - 2021

Palabras clave

  • Bronfenbrenner´s ecological model
  • Neutrosophic likert scale
  • Neutrosophy
  • Triple refined indeterminate neutrosophic sets

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