Application of CRISPR-Cas System to Mitigate Superbug Infections

Ali A. Rabaan, Mona A. Al Fares, Manar Almaghaslah, Tariq Alpakistany, Nawal A. Al Kaabi, Saleh A. Alshamrani, Ahmad A. Alshehri, Ibrahim Abdullah Almazni, Ahmed Saif, Abdulrahim R. Hakami, Faryal Khamis, Mubarak Alfaresi, Zainab Alsalem, Zainab A. Alsoliabi, Kawthar Amur Salim Al Amri, Amal K. Hassoueh, Ranjan K. Mohapatra, Kovy Arteaga-Livias, Mohammed Alissa

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Multidrug resistance in bacterial strains known as superbugs is estimated to cause fatal infections worldwide. Migration and urbanization have resulted in overcrowding and inadequate sanitation, contributing to a high risk of superbug infections within and between different communities. The CRISPR-Cas system, mainly type II, has been projected as a robust tool to precisely edit drug-resistant bacterial genomes to combat antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains effectively. To entirely opt for its potential, advanced development in the CRISPR-Cas system is needed to reduce toxicity and promote efficacy in gene-editing applications. This might involve base-editing techniques used to produce point mutations. These methods employ designed Cas9 variations, such as the adenine base editor (ABE) and the cytidine base editor (CBE), to directly edit single base pairs without causing DSBs. The CBE and ABE could change a target base pair into a different one (for example, G-C to A-T or C-G to A-T). In this review, we addressed the limitations of the CRISPR/Cas system and explored strategies for circumventing these limitations by applying diverse base-editing techniques. Furthermore, we also discussed recent research showcasing the ability of base editors to eliminate drug-resistant microbes.

Idioma originalInglés
Número de artículo2404
EstadoPublicada - oct. 2023


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