Application of Artificial Intelligence and IOT for Increasing Productivity of Agricultural Sector

Alcides Bernardo Tello, Rajeev Sengupta, Anupam Sharma, Priyanka Shirish Shinde, Meena Arora

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Agriculture is the major sector that feeds the ever-growing population in the world. As the population is increasing day by day globally increased food demand will be faced. Thus, agricultural productivity should be increased in a robust way. In the environment, the next green evolution has the approaches related to health of the plants, productivity and growth. By understanding the mechanism of agricultural productivity by the farmers requires automation in every stage of farming. The sustainability and productivity in forms can be expanded through technologies. Emerging strategies for improving the activity and survival of the crops can be enhanced from the seedling stage till harvesting. Through Internet of Things and artificial intelligence productivity in agriculture can increased by automated process in crop production for assessment of seed and crop qualities, diagnosing the diseases, automated irrigation system, alarm system for pesticide and fertiliser application, analysing soil fertility and erosion and applying precision farming using robotic and drone systems. By maintaining the crops at the right time major losses of crops can be reduced as well as the reduction of cost. The scope of the study for analysing the application of IOT and artificial intelligence through the proposed crop maintenance model for increasing productivity in agriculture sector.

Idioma originalInglés
Páginas (desde-hasta)39-45
Número de páginas7
PublicaciónInternational Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology (London)
EstadoPublicada - dic. 2022
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